If you can hear laughter, it's probably coming from me! I'm a light-hearted and fun soul who thrives on my kids cuddles, my daily routine, and a full cup of coffee (duh!).  When I have free time, I tend to spend it working out, playing and teaching my kids, or learning a new recipe in the kitchen. Fall scented candles are my favorite, and if I had it my way, Id watch the sunset on a hilltop, every evening. 

I love the idea of romanticizing your life and what makes you happy. Being the person who can take emotions from a day, and curate them into a beautiful gallery is something I truly take pride in.

Hello, My name is Madison Smith, and Im so glad you're here!

About me

My journey...

Over here at MKP, I truly believe in creating relationships with my clients. My work goes far beyond the scope of just clicking a camera button. Whether you are a wedding couple, expecting a new bundle of joy, or a business owner looking for updated branding shots, I strive to figure out who you are, and how I can compliment that in every way! 

I am more than a photographer. I am a friend, your session stylist, your dress fluffer, a confidant, someone you can fully trust, and much more.  It is my goal to not only understand your vision and bring it to life, but to walk that journey together, giving you the peace of mind to know that I've got you covered!

I remember being younger and going to visit my Nanny, and she would always have all her arts and crafts ready for us. You see, she has always had a still passion for art, and lucky for me she passed down her intense love of art to her grandchildren.  From there, my creativity flourished at a young age in dance, and then moved to painting in my early teens. I eventually dived into creative makeup, and while I still have a love for brush to canvas, I quickly realized that my favorite way to create art was to freeze time through my camera lens. 

In 2020, after practice and a lot of ambition, I decided to get my first camera and its been up since then! After shooting over a dozen weddings in my opening year, and hundreds of family, maternity, newborn, and portrait sessions, I have gained ample amount of knowledge and confidence that will in turn take the stress of your shoulders knowing you don't have to lift a finger!


I am so excited to hear more about your upcoming event.

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